True Image: How to change Startup Recovery Manager delay time and key

    Applies to:

    • True Image 2016
    • True Image 2017

    This article describes how to change the delay time and key for starting Startup Recovery Manager.

    This solution applies only to UEFI-booted machines, because the configuration file with delay time and key settings exists only on UEFI-booted computers. If your machine starts in BIOS mode (may also be called "Legacy BIOS" or "CSM"), the delay time for Startup Recovery Manager cannot be modified, because its configuration file is merged into the executable file C:\bootwiz\asrm.bin, in other words, it is "hard-coded" for BIOS-booted machines.

    In order to see whether your computer is booted in UEFI or in BIOS mode, note the message that Startup Recovery Manager displays at startup. If it shows "Starting Loader", then you have a BIOS-booted computer, solution from this article does not apply to your computer and you cannot modify the delay time and key. In this case you can only activate or deactivate Startup Recovery Manager.

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